Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Funniest BIGFOOT Comedy ever!


What is sure to be the Funniest BIGFOOT Comedy ever!

With "Bigfoot Hunters" that will make you spit your beer out, if your not able to chug and laugh your ass off at the same time! Filmed in a very traditional Bigfoot documentary style, but with quirky, sometimes naughty, ridding slightly over the edge of W.T.F... & you just can't believe they really just did that, topped with a slightly demented twist! 

Think professional BIG-GAME HUNTERS with the cast of Jackass as their crew!


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➤ Our KickStarter Campaign, though mostly filled out & setup, it is not been ACTIVATED yet... We have some Goals met (you might say Ducks in a Roll) before we launch our KickStarter Campaign.  Once the Campaign to raises the funds we need to make a Great Quality Show... ie.. Cameras that can shoot more than (or at least) 25 feet a way with some decent clarity, and more than one so we're able to get some great shots/scenes from more than one angle. 

 Maybe some Self-balancing & Stabilizing Mobile Camera Mounts (instead of having our cameras ducked-taped to an old umbrella) and maybe enough money to hire a few cameramen, so our highly tuned actors don't  have to be duck-taped to the umbrella, too!

 Plus a little money to celebrate a hard weeks filming every Saturday night (whether we filmed that week or not) and enough so we can keep the crazy old dog fed while we're working so very hard to make and keep you laughing, and eagerly waiting for more.

 Seriously though, we want to have everything just about done or ready to shoot 13 episodes (within 27 weeks) once we begin full production and finally get to fully Launch the channel.. So everything that isn't magically fixed with money, we going to try and get all done, before the we start are hectic schedule and traveling we'll be doing after the funds come in to get us Kicked-Off and have then have us running around like true Hollywood BigShots!


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